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Sensory park - feel the energy

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Sensory park - feel the energy Absorb the closeness of nature and ancient oaks with all your senses the heart of the Enklawa Białowieska

Enter one of our gardens and find harmony as you visit our Sensory Park – check the zones that await you in Enklawa Białowieska.

The Garden of sight are large perennial beds in the northern part of the park, around a massive oak tree. Each bed will be planted with vegetation having colourful flowers. A place where the sense of sight reigns supreme.


The Garden of touch is a sensory path with varied surface textures, such as gravel, fieldstone, wooden cobblestones, sand, bark, pinecones, etc., which stimulate the sense of touch. A garden of taste, an elevated bed planted with herbs and fruit bushes. Plants will be easily accessible, everyone can taste, touch, and smell them. This is where the sense of taste and smell will be stimulated.


The Garden of hearing with a centrally located fountain surrounded by a small reservoir where water plants with colourful flowers grow. Surrounded by benches and flowerbeds planted with colourful perennials. The murmur of water will soothe the sense of hearing.


The Garden of Silence with a ring of thujas, is placed in a circular plan with a centrally located bed planted with shade-loving perennials and surrounded by azalea and hydrangea flowers.

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